Grabijolai hiking trail


2 h.


4 km.

žygis drieksis nepramintais takeliais MAZA
Grabijolų kaimas skaičiuoja jau trečią šimtmetį MAZA
architektūros istorikės pasakojimas supažindins su Lietuvos mediniu paveldu MAZA
autentiskas pirkios langas Grabijoluose
papuoštas langas Grabijoluose
stogo puosyba grabijolu kaime

Grabijolai hiking trail is a short-distance path that starts in an ethnographic Grabijolai village and winds through mystical Alkos (Uolkos) hills, Zapalina manor site, the Ilgoja rivulet (also called the Sweet stream), a recently discovered Paalkiai Hill fort, the Neris river valley with mythological stones in its riverbed, and the biggest oak in our regional park – the Alkai oak tree. While hiking on this trail, you will discover the wonders of beautiful Grabijolai countryside. Not only it has interesting hilly landscape (not so usual for Lithuania), but also a lot of once man-made objects that now hide in a wild nature.

The entire path (about 4 km in length) is marked with arrows (white in blue background), but on the trail you will not find wooden stairs, gravel pathways and other infrastructure. The trail passes through wild meadows and cultivated fields, former rural roads, steep slopes and deep ravines. Therefore, it is necessary to wear comfortable, slip-proof footwear and to be careful and attentive. This “wild” trail will take you to Alkai oak tree and then will turn back, so you will return back to Grabijolai almost the same way you came.

This hiking trail passes through both state-owned and private land, so please respect owners’ property and leave no trace: do not build campfires and take your rubbish home with you.

Grabijolai countryside hides many mysteries – we wish you an interesting and entertaining walk discovering them!